Pizza menu

IMG_2486Here at Grand Admiral Resort & SPA, we have added one more gastronomic area where a perfect Italian pizza will be prepared for you. Our Chef Maksim Luibich was specifically trained for that at NIP (Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli).

We get all of the basic pizza ingredients from Italy and add to them fresh products from the local farm. We cook the pizza in a special wood stove.

Thus, using live fire, natural products and skillful cooking, we are happy to offer you the pizza with the authentic taste of which we are sure!

Whatever your tastes, you will surely find something interesting in the pizza menu of Grand Admiral Resort & SPA. For seafood connoisseurs: pizza with light salted salmon and philadelphia, artichoke and anchovies, with salmon fillet and broccoli. Those who are first of all looking for meat delicacies in the menu may take a liking to pizza with bacon and Mexican sauce, farm sausages and cherry tomatoes, with Bresaola and entrecote. And we have prepared a special proposal for vegetarians and cheese connoisseurs. One of our hits is Four Cheeses pizza with mozzarella, Bergader, Camembert and Parmesan, although the pizza with artichokes and mini mozzarella, with zucchini and red onion or with pesto sauce and arugula are also not forgotten. We have also taken care of our little guests. For kids, as well as for those with a sweet tooth, we have prepared separate proposals. So you can finish the meal with a pizza dessert right on the spot.
If you think that this is all we have to tell you about our pizza, it is far from true. Take, for example, the fact that we have not yet mentioned a special offer for those who would like to add a glass of wine to the meal, as it is prescribed by the Italian tradition. For these guests we have chosen 4 types of pizza, to which we offer you to order a wine decanter at a unique price!

Pizza menu is available at  the terraces Cinnamon, Pearl Town, Coral Hall, Silver Hall, the Hotel’s lobby bar, as well as at our new location – in the bar of the summer pools.

We are waiting for your visit Thursday through Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.
The full version of the menu is available here.

To reserve your table please call: + 380 (67) 219 41 66