Must live: upgraded Junior Suites

IMG_4291Must live: upgraded Junior Suites
To keep in tune with the modern trends and to create the conditions worthy of the most
demanding guests, we are committed to ongoing improvement.
This autumn we have upgraded a part of our Junior Suite numbers.
The natural materials and soft harmonious colors remain as usual, but the approach to them has
been fundamentally changed. Owing to this, we have achieved a new level of comfort.
The upgraded design rooms now have thick linen curtains ensuring comfortable sleep at any time
of the day. Innovative solutions used to design the bedroom area and the bathroom increase the
aesthetic pleasure of staying at the Club.
This year, the hotel of Grand Admiral Resort & SPA received the award of the World Luxury
Awards 2017 competition. We thank our guests for their support again. Your trust drives us to
even better and more intense development. By spring, we plan to complete the renovation of the
Junior suites. In the meantime, we invite you to assess the upgrades already made and we are
looking forward to your feedback. Together we become better.

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