Spa journey to Zanzibar


Relaxation, vitaminization, smooth moisturized skin and the aura of exotic fragrance – these are just some of the pleasures which will stay with you after the new SPA-ritual “Zanzibar”.


The whole procedure is made with the use of the unique THALGO Escales Zanzibar cosmetics. Owing to high content of plant oils and marine ingredients, these products ensure efficient moisturizing and nourishing of the skin – the ideal treatment in autumn.


The procedure consists of 4 basic stages:


Ritual “Being Awakened by the Sea”.

To prepare the skin for the procedure, to clean the skin cells at the deep level and remove the toughened layer of derma, we use the melting scrub with marine crystals. It contains the sea salt Camargue rich in minerals and the trio of plant oils: sweet almond, apricot kernels, and sunflower seeds. They ensure intensive cleansing, softening and remineralization of the skin; the oils moisturize, protect and ensure the anti-stress effect. At the end of this stage, the skin is cleansed with micellar water.


Application of marine veil.

At this stage, you will be embraced with the soft coolness of summer breeze and your skin will be enriched with vital marine minerals helping to maintain the skin tone and healthy looks.


Massage “Heart of the Oceans”.

The unique massage technique aims at complete relaxation of the body. At this stage, the oil from the THALGO Escales Zanzibar line is also used. One of its ingredients, the grape seed oil, is rich in flavonoids and linoleic acid; it softens, regenerates and protects the skin. The sunflower oil nourishes and moisturizes. Red algae Chicoree des rochers rematerializes and soothes the skin.


Skin hydration and vitaminization of the body.

As soon as the body is completely relaxed and cleansed, it’s time for the silk touch. For this, our experts use the moisturizing silk milk. The gentle texture and three moisturizing components of the milk ensure rejuvenation, protection and fortification of the skin barrier and restore the feeling of skin comfort. Active components: algae oil rich in omega-3, seaweed wax – laminaria seaweed oil and olive wax, and Seve Bleue from the Oceans – active sea water rich in minerals and micro elements.


The final chord ensuring the brightest experiencing of the exotic taste of Zanzibar and filling the body with vitamins from inside, too, is a unique cocktail which we offer at the end of the procedure. The taste of banana, orange and coconut, as well as vitamins C, E and A, make it pleasant and wholesome at the same time. The cocktail has an antioxidant effect, it also protects, fortifies the skin and makes it elastic, energizes, helps remove the fatigue and resist stress.


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