Game Menu


It’s time to order the game, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Treat yourself to a gastronomic pleasure and pamper your aristocratic soul.

This menu sounds like a blank verse for a noble stomach:

- Roe brisket with smoked polenta and grilled feta with cranberry and nut sauce
- Venison brisket with peach and pear chutney and blueberry sauce with lime zest
- Pheasant with baked apple, potato and bacon with pepper sauce

- Hare with vegetable ratatouille, pesto, ptitim and Parmesan
- Wild duck with red cabbage, quince sauce and apricot coulis

Our guests are true connoisseurs of Haute cuisine and it is difficult to surprise them.

However, the game dishes are served on eco-friendly handmade dishware of black ceramics and it is pure aesthetic delight!

For a detailed menu please go to pdf