Admiral Kids Club

Childhood is the sweetest time of life and we are here to make your kid’s childhood happier! Exciting leisure and developing studies at Admiral Kids Club encourage mutual understanding between you and your child and facilitate his or her achievements.

We will enliven a humdrum life with the joy of learning and creating together and, since the pre-school period of childhood is so fleeting and unique we will help your kid to enjoy every moment of it!

For each child, Admiral Kids Club will ensure:

  • Comprehensive development and diverse pastime
  • Comfortable and friendly atmosphere
  • Individual personality-focused approach
  • Small groups (6-8 children) and a convenient schedule of studies
  • A lot of additional services and amusements
  • Healthy leisure with physical exercises within the natural load limits
  • Educational walks, games and quests outdoors
  • Merry celebrations, New Year parties, school vacations

Admiral Kids Club services:

  • Early development (age 1-2, age 3-4) – creativity and combined classes, singing and dancing in a ring, themed role and didactic playing games; fine art classes, rhythmics classes, fine motor skills and the world around
  • Getting ready for school (age 5-7) – reading, speech development, mathematics, logic  and orthography
  • Creativity Studios (age 3-4, age 5-7, age 8-12) – modeling, drawing and appliqué; funny toys, many-colored origami and quilling, glass painting
  • English Club (age 4-5, age 5-7)
  • Dancing (choreography) – ballet for kids, folk dancing, plastique, body coordination in the stage space
  • Drama studio – acting skills, rhetoric, development of fantasy and plastique, skills of presenting oneself in public

We know for certain that if a kid is happy, his or her parents are happy too!

Enrollment to children groups is open. Subscriprions are available.

Prices you can see here.

For detailed information please call: +38 067 216 44 54,