Summer terraces

Summer terraces work only in the warm season (May-September).

>white terrace
WHITE TERRACEThe White Terrace is located in pine forest and is an ideal place for your wedding or festive banquet. The terrace is covered with a tent, beautifully decorated with white curtains and chandeliers, and requires minimal extra floristic design. Maximum guest quantity is 110.
Please call +380 (44) 393 33 58 to book
lesnoe ozero
Forest lake is a stamping ground for family recreation of our guests in summer. Around the lake, there are tables and cozy alcoves, entwined with vines (for 10, 20 or 40 persons), as well as bridges for fishing. A draught of fish is guaranteed for those who would like to angle, and we shall immediately cook your catch to your taste. However, if you are not going to “earn your daily bread”, there is a menu with different kinds of shish kebab, grilled vegetables, vitamin salads and soups at your service. Permanent residents of the Lake – the goose Cyril and his girlfriend – will surely add allure to your rest.
Opening hours: Friday-Sunday 9.00 – till the last guest
To reserve a table, please contact: +380 (67) 219 41 63
Summer terrace Pearl Town is located between the building of the hotel and the restaurant complex. It is a true pearl of the Club.  Wooden alcoves with comfortable sofas, tubs with flowers, the murmur of the brook, small ponds lined with pebbles, and a wooden bridge – all this creates a magical atmosphere filled with natural details. The terrace is located at the very heart of the Club, which helps you to remain in the center of events all the time. In the evening, the terrace is beautifully illuminated and filled with romantic atmosphere.
Opening hours: 24h
To reserve a table, please contact: +380 (67) 219 41 63
Koritsa outdoor terrace has a beautiful prospect to the swimming pools. Wooden floor, high sunshades, soft sofas and comfortable armchairs, tangerine trees, and a josper working at the very spot…  You`ll surely decide to stay here longer! In the menu, amongother things, there are delicious salads and desserts made with seasonal fruits. Besides, there is live music here on Saturday nights in the warm season.
Opening hours: Friday-Sunday 10.00 – till last guest
To reserve a table, please contact: +380 (67) 219 41 63
gosstiniy dvorik
Gostinnyi Dvorik is located in the hotel`s patio, overlooking the pinewood. It is a quiet place, ideal for solitude and immersion in your own thoughts.  A small fountain is purling in the middle of the patio and night violets blossom filling the air with their aroma. Dvorik is a perfect place for those who prefer refined and tranquil relaxation in the open air.
Opening hours: 24h
To reserve a table, please contact: +380 (67) 219 41 63
Turkish gazebos with restaurant service are located near the swimming pool, embowered in pine trees. Having relaxed on the cushions with a hookah and a translucent baldachin you may not only linger here for a long time, but also gather a small company and have a great time in the original setting.  This is the most comfortable holiday destination for those who want to be in the center of events, but at the same time feel solitarily. Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11.00-21.00
To reserve, please contact: +380 (44) 393 33 58 

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