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Our Chef

Our Chef Maxim Liubich is committed to creative culinary freedom, combining ingredients innovatively, even exotically, and putting artistic thought into the visual presentation of his dishes. Inspired by the Italian national pizzaioli institute called NIPfood, the Maestro teaches his team the principle that food should bring delight, give gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure, and be a festive experience. With his cheerful “Buongiorno” and perfectly fitted high-collared jacket, you will recognize Chef Maxim immediately.

The Chef’s role is to set and then expand gastronomic horizons. To introduce his dining guests to new dishes, he updates his culinary offerings every week. Asia, Mexico, Italy, America, Ukrainian and Slavic national dishes—at the Admiral Club you can taste just about everything.

In 2017, Chef Liubich took part in an event that entered the Guinness Book of Records and fed Rome at the same time: a team of tireless chefs made 10,000 pizzas! From this moment on, pizzas at the Club have garnered endless compliments from our many gourmets. Italian flour of consistently excellent quality forms the dough, and the pride of our Club is a traditional wood-burning oven made in Italy. However, we offer pizza only in the warm months…so that our guests get a chance to miss it!

Our Chef carefully selects the products worthy of haute cuisine. In the cold season, there is a Game Menu based on venison from the forests of Sumy Oblast: deer, roebuck, wild boar, hare, pheasant, and wild duck. All the venison is certified and raised on natural food.

Eco-friendly, high quality products are the personal code of honor of our Chef:

  • our greenhouse and conservatory provide our kitchens with peas, radishes, alfalfa, wheat, and fresh herbs: thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, and tarragon;
  • we make maximum use of local products from reliable farms;
  • air deliveries of fresh fish and seafood from Sri Lanka, Morocco and Paris guarantee an excellent taste experience;
  • we use only American-grown beef that has been properly fattening to produce a well-marbled meat;
  • we use modern eco-technologies such as dehydrating vegetables, fruits and berries, fermenting to preserve vitamins and produce new flavors, Josper and sous-vide cooking methods for succulent results, and natural yogurts;
  • our breads are yeast-free whole-grain or malted sourdough from our own bakery.

With his 18 years of professional experience, we have the honor of recommending Chef Maxim Liubich’s cuisine and offering you the food that brings together families, friends and business partners at a festive table.