Before visiting the SPA zone and starting fitness trainings, we recommend paying a visit to the SPA physician’s office. The specialist will tell you about the recommended procedures and give the answers you need about equipment-based cosmetology and the Wellness-school.

SPA Physician

Before visiting the SPA zone and starting fitness trainings, we recommend paying a visit to the physician’s office. The specialist will determine the state of your health, and if there are any contraindications, your will receive qualified recommendations regarding the procedures which will be useful and will not bring any undesirable consequences.

Bioimpedancemetry is a method to determine the body composition based on measuring the electrical resistance of body tissues, with a further computer processing of the results obtained. These indicators combined with biometric measurements (size of waist, hips, wrists, weight, height, gender, etc.) are the basis for calculating more informative indicators (body mass index, basal metabolic rate (in kcal), etc. ) as the norm and those of a particular person.

The method is highly accurate and reliable, and is recommended for:

  • reliable assessment of the efficiency of a selected diet
  • choosing a kind of training

AMZ blood test is non-invasive (without skin damage); it allows to obtain 117 parameters of human body’s vital activity within 180-720 seconds without taking a blood sample. The condition of the body and its parameters get a quantitative assessment expressed in the generally accepted SI units for each parameter.

The AMP device will determine:

  • blood formula, including hemoglobin content, and all of the necessary blood homeostasis indicators;
  • blood circulation type and possible changes in the blood supply to the myocardium and other vital organs;
  • characteristics of metabolic disorders;
  • neuromuscular conductivity, convulsive readiness and proneness to spasms based on the electrolyte composition of blood;
  • immunity resistance level;
  • allows to diagnose: chronic bronchitis, chronic tracheobronchitis with an asthmatic component, chronic pneumonia, hepatitises, cirrhosises, impaired filtration and resorption.

Equipment-Based Cosmetology. VelaShape, UltraShape

A revolutionary technology developed by plastic surgeons and scientists. It is based on the simultaneous use of vacuum-roller massage, infrared heat and radio frequency lifting. Immediately after the procedure, the body starts up the natural processes which deal with the destroyed fat cells and thus stimulate the production of new collagen.

Advantages of the method:

  • the procedure does not require time for rehabilitation, regeneration, and maintenance therapy sessions;
  • no pain;
  • the result is immediately noticeable;
  • ultrasonic liposuction has a guaranteed long-term effect: damaged cells will not regenerate;
  • no adverse cosmetic effects;
  • the procedure takes 70-90 minutes;
  • different parts of the body may be treated: abdomen, thighs, hips, saddlebags, knees;
  • guaranteed efficiency and safety.

CELLUTEC Massage System

Vibromassage using contrast body shaping lotions.

Effect of the procedure:

  • Better body lines
  • Skin peeling
  • Wastes and toxins removal
  • Relief of muscle spasms
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Anti-celluliteeffect

Wellness School

The fitness program will ensure a guaranteed optimization of the time needed to make your body lines better and improve your health. The program includes individual trainings, making of a dietary plan, functional diagnostics (bioimpedancemetry), and visits to the aqua zone Wellness & SPA.