Our strong points: professional trainers, up-to-date sports equipment, our interest in your sports achievements and safety. Join the society of vigorous, energetic and strong persons.

Group trainings

Free for accommodating guests, included in the guest visit to Wellness & SPA.

  • TAIBO | 55 min.

Enhances strength and endurance; movements of martial arts (boxing, karate and taekwondo) in the aerobics style to energetic music. This training does not envisage a contact fight, so there is almost no risk of injury.

  • AEROBIC DANCE | 55 min.

Classical aerobics with dance elements.

  • STEP | 55 min.

Rhythmic exercises for all muscles of the body made on a special stepper. The training is mostly focuses on the leg muscles but the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle are also involved and this allows to burn more calories and develop the grace of movement, and ensures a harmonious development of the whole body.

  • INTERVAL | 55 min.

This is a combination of two types of exercise: cardio and strength allowing to strengthen the muscles, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and make the training most effective. Recommended for well-trained persons.

  • TABATA | 55 min.

Training at several intervals of 20 and 10 seconds. At first 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated continuously in 8 cycles during the total of 4 minutes.

  • BODY SCULPT | 55 min.

This is a basic power training which makes every muscle of your body work; it is done either without or with the use of additional equipment and is a good start to make your body perfect.

  • CROSSFIT | 55 min.

This is a circuit-type training when sets of workouts are made one after another without rest at all or with a minimal rest interval of several minutes.

  • TRX | 55 min.

Strong loops TRX are used for this training. Try to do press-ups, pull yourself up, lift and pull down your body like the Spiderman. This will make your body significantly stronger, especially your torso, abdominals and spine muscles. Recommended for everyone.

  • ABS | 55 min.

Training focused on strengthening spine and abdominal muscles. Bums – training цршср includes specially selected workoutі for thighs and buttocks.

  • STRETCHING | 45 min.

This training includes muscle stretching and relaxing exercises.

  • PILATES | 55 min.

This training is aimed at improving the muscle tone, muscle balance and body control. Enhancement of coordination and improvement of spine health. For persons of any level of physical fitness.

  • HATHA YOGA | 55 min.

For the harmony of body and soul. Learning the secrets of yoga helps to comprehend the unity of the universe, to restore energy potential and get rid of stress. Recommended for persons of any level of physical fitness.

  • AQUA CIRCULAR | 45 min.

This is a circuit-type training built as the alternation of power and aerobic exercises.

  • AQUA TABS | 30 min.

Power class for training of the abdominal muscles.

  • AQUA NOODLES | 45 min.

Alternation of deep and shallow water, for persons of the medium level of physical fitness.

Enhancement of aerobic capabilities and strength, flexibility and coordination.

  • AQUA INTERVAL | 45 min.

High intensity mixed-format class. Recommended for well-trained persons.

  • AQUA MOM | 45 min.

A perfect sport for mothers-to-be: safe and reduced load on the spine and joints. We invite all expectant mothers to this training.


Cardio and weight training equipment, and also a free weights zone.

For efficient training, we recommend personal training with a trainer.

Mon-Sun, 9.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.